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Faith's Firm Foundation: Tips for Saving Money: Household Budget Expenses

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tips for Saving Money: Household Budget Expenses

We're at the end of another year.  That means that, in our home, my husband's gathering all of the financial paperwork and doing a review of 2009 in preparation for tax time.  The end of the year is associated with reviewing and resolving.  The beginning of a new year is associated with new starts, change and improvement. Related to finances, I think it's a perfect time for Tips on Saving Money!
First, before we can go in a better direction, we have to know where we are, so:
I. Find out where your money's been going
     A. Look back at what you've spent this year
     B. Itemize expenditures by category, and then total
II. Look at the bills and see what ways, if any, you can cut costs
     A. Electricity: Turn off lights when not in the room; use energy efficient light bulbs; consider buying more energy efficient appliances; don't use the second fridge except when necessary; don't turn the oven on for just one thing; use a clothes line, instead of the dryer, etc.
     B. Gas: Use a set-back thermostat, and/or turn your heat down a few degrees and wear a sweater; (For you Southerners: turn your air conditioning up a few degrees); don't use your oven except when needed, and when you do, bake more than one thing, because the most expensive thing is heating it up in the first place!
     C. Phone: Do you really need all those features? What could you do to decrease this bill? Would bundling or using another provider save you money?
     D. Mortgage: Seriously look at this as a couple, if it's an expense that's more than 30% of your income. Savings options: Refinancing, 15-year loan instead of 30-year, paying a little extra against principle each month, moving to a smaller/cheaper home, renting.
III. Other Expenses: here are some of the ways that you can save some money:
     A. Auto
          1. Check around (call and compare) for the cheapest auto insurance
          2. Possibly bundle with your home insurance
          3. Check into Discounts for non-smokers, non-drinkers, good student, etc.
          4. Pay in full for the year to receive another discount
          5. Buy used, older model cars
          6. Don't speed or get any traffic violations
     B. "Toys": Sell the boat, 4-wheeler, snowmobile, camper, etc.
          1. Watch for future posts on inexpensive ideas for Vacations

Next week: Tips on Saving Money: Significant Savings for Stay-at-Home Moms

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Blogger More Than Conquerors said...

Hi Wendy,

Thank God for seeing us through another year. Thank God that He is with us through all the changing scenes in life and we are More Than Conquerors through Him Who loved us!

I am so glad to meet you and many wonderful friends through blogging. I have created a "More Than Conquerors Award" and I like to share with you. Please come over and receive it and feel free to pass it on to your friends who also are More Than Conquerors! Take care and Blessed New Year!

Warm Regards,

December 31, 2009 at 7:52 AM  

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