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Tuesday Tag-Along, and Timely Tips on Tuesday

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Faith's Firm Foundation: Tuesday Tag-Along, and Timely Tips on Tuesday

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Tag-Along, and Timely Tips on Tuesday

If you are new, take a look around and let me know you were here, ok?  I love meeting new people! That's why I love bloghops, and it's a great way to gain new followers!

Yesterday I enjoyed a wonderful day having tea with a friend, going to a couple of antique shops, and visiting a museum--very, very fun!!  Today, I charged right into the day and got quite a bit of work done earlier than usual (cleaning, picking up, changing bedding, etc.) and what a great feeling!  I didn't touch the computer until now (3:45pm).  It's important to me that I have control of the computer, and that it doesn't control me. You know what I mean?  So, my Timely Tips on Tuesday for today is:  Lay everything on the altar, and let God decide how much, and how long, it is in your life.  Choose--prayerfully--what you invest yourself in...your time, your thoughts, your affections, your money...
My goal is to live in such a way that I am ruled by the Lord and nothing else (I wish I could say I did this super well) and at the end of my life I will have no regrets!  By the grace of God, I strive for this, though I fail often, and this is why I am so grateful for the truth of the chapter in Psalms that I read this morning!

"Let them now that fear the LORD say,
that his mercy endureth for ever."
Psalm 118:4

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