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Monday, December 20, 2010

Got Any Ideas To Make A 25-year-old Son's Birthday Special?

Well, today's my son's 25th birthday. (See below for gift ideas for guys.)  First of all, I can't believe that my son is 25. I'm just not sure how that happened.  Anyways, what with Christmas so near, we have always tried to make his birthday special, but this year I feel like it got swept under the rug.  He thinks we're all making a bigger deal than he is about it, though.

I ordered Christmas presents for him, but completely forgot to buy him anything for his birthday, and even forgot to get him a card! (FYI: I am a card kind of person, and if I give anything, I give a card.  So what's up with me this year, I have no idea.)  After all my feeling so on top of things for Christmas, somehow I forgot about birthday gifts, plus NONE of his Christmas gifts have been delivered yet.  Aaargghh!

So, though he doesn't care as much as I do, it looks like, unless we get a UPS delivery today, we will be delaying opening gifts for a couple of days.  I realized on Saturday that I had no birthday gifts, and found some clothes (he likes nice clothes) on sale, but I couldn't get them online.  My plans were to run over to JCPenneys and buy the sweater and shirt that were on sale and that I had not been able to get online for him.  Tonight, we were going to go to Old Country Buffet (not my favorite restaurant, but he likes it--it must be a guy thing--and we can get birthday freebies there), and tomorrow we were going to be going out with some friends to a nice restaurant (however, not necessarily to celebrate his birthday).  All this has changed, however, because
we have a blizzard right now!!

My husband is off of work for 2 weeks, (but my son had to work on his birthday), and my husband called me to tell me he saw a pickup rolled over on his way to his dentist appointment, and basically discouraged me from going out. 

So, here I am turning to Plan B, trying to think of something to make for a birthday supper, hoping we get a delivery, looking for ways to make it special anyway, making my own card, and wondering how this happened. How would you make it special if you were me?  I hope he doesn't think I'm a terrible mother. 

Update (a couple of hours later):  It looks like we're going to try to go out after all, and I made some cupcakes, to which we've added Rolo candies--he LOVES caramel.  AND, a delivery came, which included gifts for him!! Yay.  I still would love to hear your ideas for making a birthday special for a 25-year-old, and especially how you've made Christmas birthdays work.

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Oh, by the way, some great gifts for 25-year-old guys are:  clothes, tools, and "toys" to let them be a "boy" again (remote controlled, for instance). Or if they have hobbies or are active in a sport, they'd enjoy some accessories, gear or "stuff" to go with that, for example a hockey stick, pucks, or warm hat or gloves. Do they like to watch sports? Tickets to a game, or a jersey for their favorite player or a gift card for the sports shop that they like, is always appreciated.

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Anonymous Kim said...

I know nothing about can't help you there. I do hope that all worked out though! Lest you not see the comment I left for you on our blog, we did appreciate hearing from you! And I do know what it's like to have a child getting old faster than it seems possible. Our eldest just turned 23 on Sunday...Presents are nice, but family love and memories are essential :-)
We pray you have a wonderful Christmas!


December 20, 2010 at 11:10 PM  
Blogger Annette W. said...

You are such a thoughtful lady; a thoughtful family. Tell Dane "Happy Birthday" from us. We need to be more alert to birthdays of our friends ~ the whole family.
I am glad that it worked out ~ God had it all under control ~ even when it didn't seem like it!
That was encouraging to hear!

December 21, 2010 at 3:39 AM  
Blogger Wendy said...

Yes, well, thoughtful, I don't know, forgetful, yes, and still needing to do a little shopping, hopefully today. Dane didn't get home, what with the snow and all, until about 8:00 pm! But then we had our little "celebration." About 2 hours driving through the city. Not fun. It has been nice to have Jerry home this week. Nice to have family around, though they're in and out.
Was so good to see you all Sunday!
Merry Christmas,

December 21, 2010 at 10:54 AM  

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