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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Arnie and Bonita

Today was a good day! Bonita, Jerry's sister, and Arnie, came to church with us. They're home on furlough from Japan for 6 months. We, being the relatives living closest to the airport, have the great privilege, and I do mean that (!) of picking them up at the airport and getting to have them stay with us, sometimes for a whole week or more (!), at the beginning and end of each furlough! Bonita and Arnie should write a book entitled, "Being a Great Guest" subtitled, Leave them wanting more. We always want them to stay longer!! At church I sat Bonita down (31-years experience as a missionary in Japan, plus I don't know how many years in Ethiopia) across from Stacy, returned missionary after 1 year in Liberia. Bonita's words were very encouraging to Stacy, I think. It was very interesting to sit and listen. Very fun to have your relatives come into your world and get to know you better by seeing you with your very best friends and worshiping with you. In the afternoon, we looked at their amazing nature photos taken in Yosemite! Arnie is an amazing photographer! All I could say was Wow after each picture came up on his laptop. The California poppies are in full bloom and it's like God took a paint brush and just whoosh! brushed the hills with orange! It's gorgeous! Then Bonita, Kelsey, Dane and I played Dutch Blitz! The Gunn sisters are so much fun and fantastic game-players! The only downside right now in their visit is Arnie's Poison oak, and Bonita's cold, but you would never know either of them had it--no complaining. We hope they will both be better tomorrow.



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