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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

God is Powerful!!

Hearing a testimony of God's power to change lives thrills my soul and encourages me to trust Him more.  I heard two today!  First, tonight was supposed to be another meeting of "A Mom Thing", but summer busyness has precluded our meeting, (which is fine).  In the process of touching base with the gals, I talked to one on the phone today, and what a blessing!!  Did you know that what God is doing in your life can be heard in your voice??!!  Well, it can.  It also can be seen in your eyes, and on your face (which is called your "countenance").  This young wife and mom has surrendered to God, and is learning to walk in obedience to Him.  This sweet lady is seeing God at work in her family. One evidence is that she and her husband have gone from their 1-1/2 year-old sleeping between them and needing 5 bottles a night--and causing chaos to reign in their home where he ruled without any discipline--to his sleeping in a crib for the last month and a half, sleeping through the night, and being content, happy and rested!

Another manifestation of His work is the blessing she's experiencing in having a prayer partner praying for her and who she can email her prayer requests (in "A Mom Thing" we teamed up the gals to be a support in prayer for one another).

Change You Can See
This wife and mom is feeling the joy of growing in the Lord, seeing Him change her life and that of her family.  She knows there's much work yet to be done, but her voice radiated joy, peace and contentment!  The voice was almost unrecognizable from the one of fear, frustration, and angst I heard when last we spoke. It gives me chills of praise to God to tell of the change that has been wrought by Him already!  She shared how much "A Mom Thing" has changed her life, just attending once, and encouraged me to continue.  I was reminded of how powerful God is to take my mustard seed of faith (crumbs, really, of obedience) and out of it to spring up a massive tree of blessing!  (aside: He's done this more than once in my life, so why don't I listen and obey more quickly! Maybe I should be actively looking and listening for the ways God wants to do mighty works through my obedient acts, because I am certainly the one most blessed!)

What His Grace and Power Can Do
Very soon after this phone conversation, I happened upon a blog, For Such A Time As This and read a very powerful testimony of how God saved Jennifer Sikora! Jennifer is very transparent about the sin that God has saved her from.  Now, she is a Christian Homeschooler, and shares her thoughts about her life and family and posts wonderful recipes on her blog (check 'em out).  What God has done in her life magnifies His power and glory to the highest--praise God that He can do anything!

Are you trapped in a sinful life?  Feel there's no hope to change?  Does your marriage need help?  God is powerful!!  Give your life to Him!  Give the problem or habit or what you're worrying about, to Him.  He's still in the business of changing lives--He's encouraged me in that truth today!  Praise the Lord!
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