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Monday, October 19, 2009

Grandpa's Here!

      Grandpa's here for a visit!  We are so blessed to have Jerry's dad staying with us this week!  Since Grandma's passing, we've talked about him coming to visit for a week or so.  We met Jerry's brother and sister-in-law last night to pick him up.  Today Kelsey and I had a wonderful time visiting with him.  We had some apples to prepare for dehydrating, so he sat at the counter using our apple peeler-corer-slicer and enjoying being a part of everything!  He is used to being in the kitchen, since he was Mom's right-hand-man for everything from peeling potatoes to cutting the homemade noodles for Mom's wonderful Chicken and Noodles casserole!  Since she made more goodies at Christmas than you could shake a stick at, he was called upon to help wherever he could with that, and when the garden produce needed shelling, peeling, or slicing, he was there!
     I noticed he wiped a tear away before lunch. I asked him to say the blessing, (his prayers are the most precious talks with His Lord:  simple, heart-felt, real), and often at Thanksgiving or Christmas, everyone is wiping a tear away when he's done, especially if he's added a prayer for safety and blessing for one of his children who was not able to be with us, and his voice breaks while praying.  This prayer was no less precious, though short, as he thanked the Lord for the privilege of being together and asked the Lord to bless our time together.  It's the first time he's ever come to our house without Mom.  He said you get used to it, but it's just that everywhere you go, you're alone.  They did everything together.  I'm sure he misses her dreadfully and he longs sometimes to go home to be with the Lord and her. 

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