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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fantastic Homeschooling Websites

Hello Friends!
 I just found some great links for you Homeschoolers and those thinking about Homeschooling!
Important note, though:  No matter what age your children are, or even *if* you have children, there is something on one of these sites for you!
The first website I have to recommend to you today is Design Your Homeschool. It is History-based and emphasizes the use of lots of "living books" ("living books" is defined by Carole Seid, of "Teaching History through Language Arts" fame, as a book that your kids beg you to read "just one more"--page, chapter, etc.)  This is similar to the way that we Homeschooled, but I will save that for a later post.
I totally believe in the premise that each family is unique, and therefore their Homeschool will be different from everyone else's to a degree.  So, this site helps you develop your individual approach.  Having said that, I also believe, as this site encourages, that "living books" and some of the approaches and methods of Charlotte Mason are valuable, such as reading living books, followed by "narration" by the child (where the child is retelling the story back to you).

What I liked about this site:
Its Biblical emphasis
Encouragement to use "living books" and the library
Many Creation resources (such as Answers in Genesis/Ken Ham books)
Much recommended curriculum which I recognized as being excellent
An encouragement to Homeschoolers to set goals and know why you were doing what you were doing, and tailor-make your teaching to your children and your family.

When you go to this site, get a cup of coffee or tea, because there's a ton of stuff and links to look at!  Some of what you will find at this site:
A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Begin and how to design your Homeschool. Here is one of the most important quotes from this site, and one I absolutely agree with!
"Step Two is choosing your Course of Study or Curriculum. Perhaps, the first thing you have thought about after making the decision to homeschool is, "What Curriculum do I buy?" If you want to know how to start homeschooling, you need to take it more slowly than that. You will make curriculum decisions based on what your goals are."
I felt like she really holds your hand (a good thing when you're starting out and perhaps have some fear and trepidation) and helps you, without telling you how you *have* to do it.  I really liked that.  There is also a Q & A Forum, and opportunity to ask her questions.
Curriculum recommendations in all the subjects (I've not checked these out)
Free printables including: Copywork divided by age group (both tracing and writing/with lines/ Bible verses), Dolch sight words list, Homeschool Planner Pages, and more.
Organization tips
Links to Homeschool Resources

I loved what I saw of this site!
Ok, what can I say...hmmm...this is one of the best links I can give you to books that will change your life as a Christian and that of your children. You think I'm exaggerating? Try them out, read some articles, read some books--Then write me and let me know how it's changed your life:)!
(Please tell them I sent you:)

What I like about this site:
Its firm emphasis on Biblical character!
The book reviews and articles on how to evaluate reading material (which will convict you--be warned!)
The Keepers of the Faith and Contenders for the Faith program
The Emphasis on Skill-building, with help and resources on how to teach skills to your children
The Books!!! (Books which have become dear friends to me, which were introduced to me by this site, e.g. Isabella Alden books)

I am very excited about these websites and believe they will be of great help to you!  I hope you'll be as excited about them as I am!  Let me know what you think!

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