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Food Friday: Featuring a Guest Post Recipe from Kate: Quick and Simple Fresh Pasta Sauce

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Faith's Firm Foundation: Food Friday: Featuring a Guest Post Recipe from Kate: Quick and Simple Fresh Pasta Sauce

Friday, August 20, 2010

Food Friday: Featuring a Guest Post Recipe from Kate: Quick and Simple Fresh Pasta Sauce

I am enjoying this week so much! Aren't these Guest Posts amazing?!!  Today, you are in for another treat.  I know you're going to love Kate, from Thoughts on Dancing About Architecture!  And I am also very excited to tell you that Kate has agreed to share a series of recipes with us!  What they will be is still a surprise, so keep checking in!  Until then... 
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Hello everyone,
I feel so honored that Wendy has asked me to be a guest poster on her blog today. When Wendy asked if anyone was willing to share a recipe on her blog this Friday, I thought that it was really a wonderful idea to share a recipe. I love to cook, even though I am not that experienced yet. I especially love real Italian food, also because it always reminds me of big family gatherings and wonderful dinner conversations.

I spent some time in Italy and really enjoyed the time I spent in the countryside. People in the countryside seem to enjoy life in general and food in particular; especially dinner is very important to them. It is the time of the day you get together and talk about all that has happened during the day. It is usually quite loud and full of laughter. Dinner does not have to be anything special, but it has to be well prepared. I remember summer evenings in the garden, eating Italian soup, pasta, meat and ice cream. In Italy the traditional dinner usually includes a soup for starters, pasta for first course, meat with vegetables for second course, and something sweet for dessert. Personally, that was a bit much for me, but I did love the pasta.

Eating pasta, no matter whether it is real Italian sauce or just one of my creations, always reminds me of lots of laughter and shared meals with friends. I am not a fan of pre-made food or the canned sauces you can buy. Instead, I have been experimenting with fresh ingredients. I have been trying to make a good pasta sauce to go with my pasta. It is actually really simple to make a basic pasta sauce and usually healthier than anything you can buy. The sauce I want to share with you today is nothing special, but I find it quite easy to make when I do not have a lot of time. You can also make more and freeze it if you know you will need a quick meal. Just warm up the pasta sauce and cook some pasta to go with it.

Quick and Simple
Fresh Pasta Sauce 
Serves: (serves 4 – 6)

·       One package chopped tomatoes by pomi (or can of chopped tomatoes – make sure that the only ingredient is tomato, no spices)
·       4 - 5 fresh tomatoes
·       One garlic clove
·       One small  onion/ half a big onion
·       1 to 1-1/2 lb minced meat (beef, pork, tofu, ... whatever your preference. I usually take beef.)
·       Parmesan cheese/ shredded cheese
·       Some ketchup (Heinz works very well)
·       Some fresh basil
·       Some fresh oregano
·       Olive oil
·       Pepper
·       Salt
·       Pasta for 4 – 6 persons (Alternative 1: any kind of long pasta, Alternative 2: any kind of short pasta)
I usually use Barilla pasta to go with it. I know it is more expensive, but it is the only type of pasta I have found that actually tastes Italian. However, depending on the budget you are working with, any type of pasta will do. For alternative 1, I would suggest any type of long pasta like Spagetti, for alternative 2, any type of small pasta like Penne.
Ingredients for alternative 1:
·       One can of corn (just corn, nothing else added)
·       One can of red beans (just the beans, nothing else added)
·       One fresh green pepper
Ingredients for alternative 2:
·       One glass black olives, pitted
·       Cut up the onion and start frying it in some olive oil.
·       After it has turned glassy add the minced meat and cook it until it is done. 
·       Cut up the fresh tomatoes and add the cut up fresh tomatoes and the chopped tomatoes to the pan.
·       Chop up the garlic into really small pieces and add it to the pan.
·       Add ketchup, salt and pepper to liking.
Þ    Alternative 1:
·       Chop up the green pepper and add it with the corn and red beans to the pan. Stir.
Þ    Alternative 2:
·       Chop the black olives into small pieces and add them to the pan. Stir.
·       (Start cooking pasta.)
·       Let the mix cook for about five minutes.
·       Chop up the fresh basil and fresh oregano (as much as you want to add).
·       Turn off the heat (!).
·       Add the basil and oregano to the pan.
·       Stir carefully and just a little as to not destroy the fresh herbs. (I use a lot of basil to give it the typical tomato–basil taste.)
To cook the pasta:
·       Boil a pot of water.
·       Add some olive oil.
·       Add pasta and cook for 9 – 12 minutes depending on the type of pasta.
You can top your serving with traditional Parmesan cheese or any other kind of shredded cheese.
Enjoy your meal!

About Kate:

My name is Kate and currently trying to find my place in the world. I started my blog (Dancing About Architecture) to share my thoughts and document my journey as I try to find a new job in this chaotic economic time. I know that there is a bigger plan and that God will lead me into the right direction as He always has. I feel blessed that I have met wonderful people through my blog who share their stories and lifes with me. I love to meet new people, hear new stories and share ideas with others. My blog has started out as a place to share my ideas and my story, but it has become a place of sharing joy and encouragement with lots of different people for which I am truly thankful.

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Blogger Wendy said...

Hi Everybody, Especially Kate,
Did anybody else have computer problems during the time of Kate's post! My internet was down for literally HOURS!! I don't know why! Just wondered if I should repost this tomorrow?!

August 21, 2010 at 11:18 PM  

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