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Manage It (Victorious in Christ) Monday: How Do You Celebrate Your Birthday?

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Faith's Firm Foundation: Manage It (Victorious in Christ) Monday: How Do You Celebrate Your Birthday?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Manage It (Victorious in Christ) Monday: How Do You Celebrate Your Birthday?

How do you celebrate your birthday? Do birthday cake and presents come to mind? Maybe "doing nothing" sounds good to you?  Or maybe doing something special--very special, because, well, "it's my birthday!"

Thinking Of Others On Your Birthday

For the last few years, my daughter, Kelsey, has added to the list above.  She has used this special time in her life as an excuse to get together with some of her friends and encourage them in some facet of their Christian walk.  She invites a group of friends to come for some food, talk, laughter, yes, but also, to watch a challenging DVD by a motivating Christian speaker.  The year that the theme was witnessing, they watched a great talk (or two) by Mark Cahill.  Then they spent some time in prayer and sharing.  She may have props, or questions to spark thought and discussion.


Tonight, 6 young women (ages 21-31) joined Kelsey at our house to have a fun evening and be challenged in the area of Prayer. Lots of laughter, lots of fun.  All knew each other, except one gal, who only knew Kelsey and one other, so it was important for her to have a little time to get to know the others.


Kelsey served them a light meal:  Chicken Salad Sandwiches on Croissants, three kinds of chips, and fresh veggies with two kinds of dip. After a relaxing supper and lots of light-hearted chatter, they headed downstairs to watch a video.  This time the theme was on Prayer and the video was presented by a powerful and passionate speaker, Doug Small.

True Fellowship

Following the video, they spent time sharing and praying--praying about "pretty much everything," according to one participant...which was really good.  Everything from their own personal problems and issues, to others' situations, to people around the world.  She put up a map of the world with information about persecuted people in regions on the map (available from Voice of the Martyrs).


When they were all finished, she came up and asked me if I'd be willing to come down and take some pictures.  After the photo session, we all went upstairs and ate the delicious dessert (Apple/Gingerbread Cobbler with ice cream), before the gals had to leave.

Starting at 4:00 in the afternoon on a Sunday was the perfect time. They were able to eat at 5:00 and spend time from 6:00-8:30 watching the video and praying, and finish up by about 9:00, including the pictures.  The goodbyes and thank-yous were long and heartfelt.  No one wanted to leave and all said they would love it if she "did this again"!  They left with a gift: a book from Kelsey which had really impacted her:  Set-Apart Femininity by Leslie Ludy. Great evening and everyone was encouraged in their faith in Jesus Christ and made more passionate about prayer! Have you ever done anything similar, or for others, on your birthday?

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Blogger Cara said...

I absolutely love this idea! I can't thank you enough for sharing it. :) What a wonderful way to really enjoy fellowship, while learning and growing together in the Lord.

PS - is there a recipe that goes along with the apple gingerbread cobbler? :)

September 20, 2010 at 1:03 PM  
Blogger Wendy said...

Yes, Cara, I was thinking I'd post the recipe on Food Friday this week. So glad you were inspired by this idea! Kelsey's pretty creative that way. I was asking her for more details so I can post maybe that later. Thanks for the comment!

September 20, 2010 at 2:18 PM  
Blogger Sharon Kirby said...

What a terrific idea - and what a lovely testimony your daughter is to her friends. I can tell, just by this post, and her guest-posts, that this is one young woman who powerfully loves her Lord! She is a treasure!

I haven't done anything like this for my birthday - but I DO like people remembering it, and making a "big deal" out of it!! (True confession time!!) I think it's neat to be "special" on this day. I always feel like a little girl (though those days are LONG gone - HA!) One year my husband asked me what I wanted to do - I said that I just wanted him to take me to an amusement park (Knott's Berry Farm) so I could go on rides, and have a balloon, and eat ice cream. So that's what we did!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kelsey. You are a beautiful daughter of God - His treasure...


September 20, 2010 at 6:53 PM  
Blogger Wendy said...

Thanks, Sharon; amusement parks (AND balloons and ice cream) are 3 of my favorite things! I agree about liking that one day to "feel special"! I enjoy spending it in a way I wouldn't do any other day. I like to take a day trip, visit friends or go antique shopping, and see the beauty of a different part of the state. Kelsey's idea doesn't necessarily have to take place on your birthday (actually her birthday was in mid-August, but she couldn't get everyone together until now:) I like to get groups of ladies together in the spring and fall, and include ladies' luncheons, (I like luncheons and using pretty dishes) sharing and praying, encouraging women in their faith. Thanks for your precious words, Sharon.

September 20, 2010 at 7:24 PM  

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