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Faith's Firm Foundation: Trip to Duluth

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Trip to Duluth

Yes, we have been traveling a lot lately, if you've been reading my blog and taking notes!  Before our trip to Mexico, we had just gotten back from Up North!  It was such a wonderful weekend.  What a blessing. We try to make a weekend trip up to see my sister and brother-in-law in Duluth, MN, once a year, and the last few years it's taken us until October, and after the weather has turned cold, to accomplish it!  That doesn't make much sense, since they have a cabin on a lake, and going for a pontoon or boat ride on their lake is one of the things we'd all like to do while we're there!  But it doesn't really matter, because we always enjoy our time with them, no matter what time of year it is or what we're doing.

This year, we squeezed a trip in knowing that we might not get to go if we didn't.  The Lord graciously gave us fantastic weather and the colors were beautiful.  We got there later on Friday night, and then had a wonderful breakfast with them in the morning! Ron made us Ron's Breakfast Bake. (Yes, Ron, I had to name it something!)  Make sure you hop on over and get that recipe, which will be posted on Friday!

Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory
Then we went a short distance from their home to Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory, where some serious birdwatching was goin' on.  I told Jerry maybe that's what we should do when we retire, hop on the birdwatching circuit! (We actually love watching birds, but I don't think we'll ever "retire"!)  We could see the beauty from a long ways off up there, and they were doing a nature presentation, which was fun.  Lots of people enjoying the fall beauty, but we didn't see very many birds.

Then we ambled over to our favorite Portland Malt Shoppe.  Kelsey, who is the driving force behind this tradition, shocked us all by ordering an ICE CREAM CONE--can you believe it?  We gave her a hard time.
The Portland Malt Shoppe
This is the only size they've got!

Uncle Ronnie

Wow! Diamonds on the Lake

By the Portland Malt Shoppe which is just down from Fitgers.
Then we had a lovely drive around, trying to go to see the Seven Bridges, but the road was closed, so only saw one. Back home and packed up for the cabin, and once there, we enjoyed playing games, eating delicious food, going on a pontoon ride around the lake, taking in the gorgeous reds and golds and oranges, and even watched the Minnesota Vikings win! A wonderful weekend.

"Welcome To Our Cabin"

Dane was loving his new Kindle!
(Isn't their "cabin" NICE?!)

Lots of neat cabins and houses on Prairie Lake.
It was such a relaxing weekend, and the Lord certainly knew we needed it. We are so blessed by all that He gives us to enjoy.
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Blogger Sharon Kirby said...

Oh boy, Wendy!! I'm jealous!! I LOVE that cabin! My husband and I have a dream - we would love to buy some land and have a cabin, and maybe some horses. Right now we're waiting for the housing market to recover a bit - and we just don't quite know exactly where we want to go. Someday...

What a perfect trip (and a Vikings win!! I'm a little partial to Brett Favre myself...!)

And the malt - hmmmm...looks like EXTRA-LARGE and YUMMY is their only size, huh?!

So glad you had a relaxing time!


October 5, 2010 at 12:40 AM  
Blogger Wendy said...

It is such a neat cabin, but they have done a ton of work on it. Di and Ron are the types who have to be doing something, and they are very organized and "handy". It is really a lovely place.

October 5, 2010 at 7:35 AM  

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