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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Recount Almost a Certainty

After watching the election returns last night and until about 1:30 a.m. this morning, I went to bed fully expecting to wake to the announcement of the winning by one of the candidates of the position of Governor of Minnesota.  I was very pleased that the Republicans took over control of the House, and dismayed that they weren't able to oust Harry Reid, and came so close, but weren't able to pull off taking over the Senate, too.  I am thrilled that my representative in my district will continue to be Michele Bachmann.  She is still in touch with the people, speaks her mind, and speaks for me.  I have known her since the Goals 2000 days to be a woman fighting for my interests, and I have personally met her, and I hope that she can continue to be a force for conservative Americans in Washington.  To my dismay, however, I found out this morning that we are almost certainly in for a long, bitter recount process in the Minnesota gubernatorial race.

Now, I believe that the law is a good one that the taxpayer dollars pay for a recount when the vote difference is between 1/2-1% between the candidates.  Being a stickler for details, liking to count twice whenever given the opportunity and one who measures twice, and cuts once, I very much see the reasonableness in this.  Mistakes can be made, and when you're talking about that many votes, it's even easier for that to happen.  However, what I am very disgusted with is the handling by the Secretary of State, Mark Ritchie, of the whole process.  (My son had a good suggestion:  have the election for his position a few months after the general election!  I wonder if he'd have won this election in that case!)  I do not have any confidence that he and his office can and will handle this recount process well.  Why should I, after watching the election process unfold in our state last night?  Changes should have been made in the last two years, one would think, to avoid any snafus last night, which would have then reassured Minnesotans, somewhat perhaps, that this recount process would be handled differently than the fiasco of the Coleman/Franken recount process.

Unfortunately, I have come to believe that the whole Minnesota election process needs an overhaul, and totally trustworthy people need to be in charge.  Am I saying I believe there's been fraud involved in the past?  ....... Yes.  How sad to have to say that.  But I do believe it's true.  But, I believe there will always be evil people willing to do wrong at any and all times, if given the opportunity.  Obviously, what needs to happen in America is that no one be able to do wrong in a Minnesota election or recount process!  How is it possible that more votes be cast than there are registered voters? Obviously, something needs to change!  I want to clarify, though, that I don't believe that there is widespread corruption, or that you can't trust your voting process in your district or precinct.  I am grateful to say that in my district, I know that this is not the case, having been behind the scenes as an election judge a few times.  I believe the vast majority of people involved in the general elections (in my state and across the country) are trustworthy and honest.  But it only takes a few, folks, and if given an opportunity, they will cheat, lie and steal to obtain their ends, and especially in a recount.  Please pray with me that this will not take place here in Minnesota, or anywhere in our nation. Let us commit ourselves and our country to the Lord and fight always for what is right.
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Blogger Denise said...

Praying sweetie.

November 3, 2010 at 7:16 PM  

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