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Monday, October 18, 2010

Jerry's Tribute to Cristina De Hoyos: Manage It (Victorious in Christ) Monday

When our dear friend, Cristina De Hoyos passed away recently, and Kelsey and I went down to Mexico for the funeral, I anticipated that Alfredo would ask people for testimonies.  I don't do well under those circumstances, because I'm too emotional.  I knew that Alfredo would be missing my husband, Jerry's, presence, and I also know that my husband can write really, really well.  So, I asked Jer to write a testimony that I could take with me down to Mexico.  This is what he wrote about this incredible woman, whom we all loved so much.

I remember Cristina

Though my visits were few, my memories of her are many and lasting. How challenging it is for me to reflect upon her life lived here on earth for the Lord. She had a smile that demonstrated why God made smiles for His creation, and a hearty laugh that could swell that smile to fill the room with warmth and happiness. She had a voice that spoke softly to turn away strife, but strongly to defend God's goodness, and to tell and retell the old, old story of Jesus and his love.

She faithfully cared for and loved and nurtured her husband and family. Beyond that, she had hands that made gifts for others, and arms that carried those gifts where she went. She had feet that took her to the homes and hearts of others to share God's Love. She had eyes that were clean windows into a heart made pure and right by God. Her sweet countenance was divinely given, and could not be mistaken for happiness brought by this world.

How wonderful to ponder that those feet now walk on streets of gold rather than the dust and mud of this world. How joyful I am to think that she has joined the laughter and rejoicing in heaven. How good of God to have shared her with me, to demonstrate His everlasting Love. She no longer needs His special gifts of faith and hope, but having known Cristina has made me more grateful to God for these gifts, until I no longer need them.

God in His infinite wisdom has taken her to Himself.  I pray for His comfort to fill the void left in the hearts of all those who knew and loved her, until by His great Mercy and Grace we too can join her in that far, far better place. 
1 Peter 5:10,11
Jerry Gunn

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