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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Voddie and Jasmine Baucham's blogs

     Something surprising happened today.  At first I wasn't sure whether to be proud or embarrassed.  My 20-year-old daughter, Kelsey, has been following Voddie Baucham's daughter Jasmine's blog, Joyfully at Home, and really enjoying it!  Jasmine encourages girls in their role of being a Daughter at Home, in preparation for being a wife and mother, and a Keeper at Home, as it says in Titus 2.  She, together with her dad, appeared on the video "Return of the Daughters," a really excellent DVD helping girls to gain a clear and Biblical vision for their lives while still at home and as it relates to their relationship with their fathers specifically. It was here that we first heard of Jasmine.
     Yesterday, her father, Voddie Baucham, started a new Regular Feature on his blog of, once a month, sharing one of Jasmine's blogposts.  I follow Mr. Baucham's blog, but didn't get around to reading it yesterday.  Today, I was home alone, not feeling particularly well, not even well enough to check on my blog, which you know says something!  But I thought I would check out what Mr. Baucham had to say.  I really appreciate his wisdom, his boldness, and frankly I'm a little intimidated by him (I've never actually met the man, but he's so revered in our circle, and quoted, and if he writes something, everybody's reading it, and if he's speaking somewhere, everyone wants to go and hear him.  So, he's kind of...Famous in my circle)  Anyways, Kelsey has been telling us wonderful things about his daughter's blog, and I have noticed that she will make a point of reading Jasmine's blog, even if it is a busy day, and it's late, and that she is so engaged in her reading, and sometimes I'd hear her laughing delightedly while reading.  So, I noted that the post by Jasmine's father said, "Daddy's Little Girl" and I thought it would be about his daughter, Jasmine, who I was looking forward to reading about.  So, I guess it was kind of a shock when I scrolled down the page of Mr. Baucham's blog and read my daughter's name, Kelsey.
     The title read, "A Reply to Kelsey's Question." You know that feeling when you just know, without having to be told, that it's not just any Kelsey--it's my Kelsey. Kelsey didn't tell me that she had been commenting on Jasmine's blog--she thought that she would ask a question and get an email reply back. So, she was surprised, as well.  My first reaction was, "My daughter's on Voddie Baucham's blog!"  At first I was shocked and well, a little maybe when someone important notices you in a crowd and smiles at you or talks to you.  Without reading any more, I clicked on Kelsey's question from yesterday just to make sure it was really her.  Reading the question was a little humbling.

     Then, I began to read all the comments, and it was so amazing, because they were talking to us! and some of the comments made me cry, they were so right to the heart of the matter, and there was wonderful counsel for Kelsey. And the insights touched my heart deeply. What a blessing!  If you go to Voddie Baucham's blog, Truth in Love, you can read Jasmine's reply and also click on the link there to go to her blog, (or click above on "Kelsey's question from yesterday").  I appreciate so much the comments.  The discussion, I hope, many will find beneficial.  I encourage you to read Jasmine and Voddie Baucham's other posts on their blogs--these father and daughter's blogs are very different, naturally, but I highly recommend each of them.
     A note to Jasmine: I want to thank you for your blog and the maturity and wisdom with which you write, well beyond your years.  Your thoughts are very Biblical and well-articulated, and in the case of Kelsey's question, I want to thank you especially, and your readers, for your caring, wise and thoughtful comments and advice to Kelsey.  All the comments were amazingly helpful and insightful.  I shed a few tears, especially when reading Amber, Elizabeth and your (Jasmine's) words.
     Thank you so much, Jasmine, for the time and thought that you put into answering my daughter's question.  We've read and discussed not only your answer, but all the comments and they have been extremely helpful. Thank you to each person who took the time to post a comment and for the thoughtful and wise counsel that was given.  I know that our good relationship will only be better for it!  I am grateful for a daughter who loves the Lord so much, serves her family and the Lord with all her heart, seeks to grow in her relationships, and is not afraid to ask hard questions and humbly seek counsel from Godly sources.

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