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Faith's Firm Foundation: Bringing Romance Back Into Your Marriage: Love and Marriage

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bringing Romance Back Into Your Marriage: Love and Marriage

You've seen them.  Sitting in the semi-darkness of the candle-lit restaurant, leaning in across the table, their eyes are magnets pulling them to one another.  When you see them, you stop talking, and stare, and with difficulty look away.  There's just something that draws you to them, and makes you want to watch them.  She looks up at him with eyes of adoration.  She throws her head back and laughs delightedly.  He takes in and notices every little thing about her.  They drink in each other.  That electricity plucks at your heartstrings, and wakens a yearning someplace down deep.

Is this a picture of a married couple out on a date?  Not likely.  And yet, perhaps every couple who is married was once in this place, acting this way.  What changed?

Life changes our situations, and our actions.  Busyness.  Children.  We can't stare at one another like this forever.  We'd never get anything done! But, does it always have to be so?

10 Tips to Re-Ignite the Flame in Your Marriage and Encourage Your Husband

  1. Have a date night.
  2. Listen to him. Really.
  3. Talk about something other than the children and the leak in the sink, and put a lilt in your voice.
  4. Look up at him and smile.
  5. Laugh at his jokes.
  6. Be attentive.
  7. Change your face: look pleasant and thankful.
  8. Twinkle, appreciate, sparkle, rejoice, be happy!
  9. Have eyes only for him.
  10. Look at him with eyes of love.

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